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Canon Colorado M-Series M3 Pro


Level Up Your Game with the Colorado M-series

Are you ready for next level productivity and creativity? With the NEW Colorado M-series printer, you can say ‘yes’ to more jobs, create stunning applications and reduce turnaround times. Its modular architecture allows it to grow with your business and is designed for low cost of ownership.

Available in various configurations that are field upgradable

High Key Print Speed:

M3 = 1,195 ft2/hr, upgradable to the M5 = 1,709 ft2/hr.

White Ink Capatability and Ink Capacity:

White is available in both the M3 & M5 configurations. M3 = 1 x 700ml ink bottle capacity while the M5 steps up to 2 x 1000ml ink bottle capacity. 

PRO Configuration:

Available for both the M3 & M5 configurations, adds the 2 roll automatic feed / switching and unlocks the FLXfinish+ Gloss / Matte print ability.

Current Machine:

M3 PRO = 1,195 ft2/hr speed, CMYK color set & FLXfinish+, 1000ml ink capacity with dual roll media input

  • The power of UVgel. Our unique UVgel technology  creates robust, fade and scratch-resistant prints with excellent print quality.

  • White ink without worry. Developed for the Colorado M-series, our UVgel ink set now brings you a next-level  white ink that helps to reduce the hassles associated with white ink. The white ink option can be ordered with the printer or added as a hardware upgrade later by a trained service provider. 

  • FLXfinish+. A game-changer in large format graphics. Print matte, gloss, or mixed matte and gloss in one print, without varnish or an additional printhead. The FLXfinish+ option helps your production stand out from the competition.  

  • Impressive media range. More design freedom to impress your customers. Easily print textured, transparent, colored, reflective, and heat-sensitive media, plus many more! You can even upgrade the M-series to print on magnetic media with a hardware upgrade.

  • Upgradeable. Is your business changing course or growing quickly? Easily add speed, FLXfinish+, dual-roll capabilities, and many other new functionalities to your Colorado M-series printer via a simple license.

  • Rock-solid quality. The Colorado family is built for high uptime and consistent print output.

  • Level up your Colorado into a Factory. Add a jumbo roll bulk feed system and matching finishing modules for high throughput and overnight jobs.


The Colorado M-series gives your customers amazing design freedom, with impressive new media options: 

• Textured 

• Transparent 

• Colored 

• Reflective 

• Magnetic (Optional) 

This expands on the wide media range the Colorado printers are known for, including self-adhesive vinyl, paper, banner media, film, canvas, and textiles, plus heat-sensitive media and cost-effective uncoated media. Unidirectional print modes are available to reach highquality print on challenging media types.


The special gel consistency of the UVgel inks make them ideal for fast, high-quality printing. The resulting prints have a wide color gamut, crisp image quality, and are instantly dry without smudging or sticking. 

UVgel prints are robust, flexible, light-fast, and scratchresistant—even immediately after printing—for a powerful impact in many applications. Because the machine is built to a very high-quality standard, the absence of heat in the curing process and the intrinsic gel properties, the prints have excellent uniformity, repeatability, and color consistency—from print to print, job to job. 


Made possible by the gelling characteristics of UVgel ink, the optional FLXfinish+ allows you to add a velvety matte finish to interior décor products, a brilliant gloss finish for display prints, or unique combinations of the two to create attention-grabbing visuals, with perfect registration and without the need for an extra printhead or ink channel. FLXfinish+ helps you produce amazing products without increasing the running costs of  your work. 

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Canon Colorado M-Series M3 Pro

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