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Trotec SP500


Laser cutting machine for large format: SP Series

Why you need an SP large-format laser cutting machine.

The SP series CO2 laser cutters are the comprehensive solution for cutting large-format materials. Whether for display and shop fitting, architectural model making, membrane keyboard production, print service providers, display making, finishing of signage or technical textiles and furniture manufacturing, our SP laser systems are engineered for 24/7 operation and let you work fast and reliably.

The laser standard in signage and display production.


Technical data

Working area (W x D) - 49" x 28" 

Loading area (W x D) - 56" x 32"

Laser power CO2 - 60 - 200W

Max height of workpiece - 4"

Available in 3 sizes to fit your cutting / engraving / marking needs:

  • SP500 - 49" x 28"

  • SP2000 - 66" x 99"

  • SP3000 - 87" x 126"

Combine maximum productivity and user-friendliness with an SP large-format laser cutting machine.

Trotec laser cutting machines are designed for the fast and precise processing of large-format materials. Features such as the four-sided access and the Tandem Assist, combined with the highest cutting speed, ensure maximum productivity. Use the entire work area, with no idle time. The laser cutting machine can be seamlessly integrated into your pre-press workflow thanks to RIP and CAD compatibility.

Benefit from the best cutting quality with an SP large-format laser cutting machine.

Trotec has developed a unique, multi-functional table concept for the CO2 laser cutting machines of the SP series. Depending on the application, the ideal table can be selected and easily and quickly replaced. Additional functions for outstanding cutting quality include an exhaust system located directly at the work head, a sectioned exhaust system at the processing table, as well as the option of digital regulation of the compressed air.

Bank on reliable operation.

The axle drive, the motion control and the work head as well as the CeramiCore® laser source are of the highest quality and performance. Thanks to the InPack TechnologyTM developed by Trotec, all sensitive components of the laser cutting machine, such as lenses, mirrors or motors, are protected from dust.

The Trotec safety system ensures optimum protection for the user when operating the laser machine (laser class 2). Our tailor-made service packages guarantee 24/7 operation.

Swift loading and unloading from all 4 sides.

Load and unload efficiently and ergonomically from all 4 sides. The four-sided accessibility minimizes walking distances for the operator and ensures an optimal flow of goods.

Simple to set up.

Put the laser machine where you want it. Because of the laser class 2 approval no separate laser room is needed. The compactness of the machine enables easy integration into your production.

Twice as productive.

Use 2 virtual work areas. While the laser cutting machine is processing the material in Zone A, the finished pieces can be removed in Zone B and the work area can be reloaded and vice versa. Thanks to Tandem Assist, you’re twice as productive.

Reduction in scrap.

Cut precisely and reliably. The Air Assist process, table extraction, laser beam guidance and motion control are coordinated. Your tool works contactlessly and wear-free. Each cut component is the same as the other – stable throughout the production process.

Seamless workflow.

Connect your laser machine to your data workflow. Thanks to the laser software Ruby®, the SP laser cutting machines can be seamlessly connected to your pre-press workflow – save time and avoid errors in data preparation.

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Trotec SP500

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