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Trotec R400


The industry's best solution for high quality, low cost laser engraving and cutting

Finally. There is an affordable, industrial-grade laser cutting and engraving machine that is also reliable, user-friendly and safe. Whether you are a new user, an educator, or a business owner looking to broaden your reach, an R Series laser can help you unleash your potential.

Best cost/quality ratio on the market

R Series lasers were developed by Trotec. Unlike other lasers in the same price range, R Series lasers comply to stringent production procedures and European manufacturing standards. The R500 and R400 lasers are both equipped with high quality components: a Trotec laser system controller, industrial grade power supplies and linear guides. The robust mechanical and reliable electronic design is proven in thousands of Trotec laser machines.

Easy access and ergonomic design

Designed for maximum usability, R Series lasers can cut and engrave plastic, acrylic, wood, paper, textiles and many more materials up to 10 mm (0.39 in) thick. The ergonomic and open design boosts efficiency and makes positioning jobs a simple task.

Because the R series laser cutters meet the highest safety standards

To help protect the safety of laser operators, R Series systems come standard with a double interlock system and safety kill switch. They are classified as laser safety class II, meaning that the beam path is completely enclosed and no protective safety gear is required. In addition, R Series lasers meet U.S. manufacturing safety requirements for use in public spaces.


The smaller of the two R Series models, the R400 work area is over 40" wide and 24" deep and also boasts a 100W laser capable of cutting & engraving a wide array of materials. 

Technical data

Working area (W x D) - 40.5" x 24.8" 

Laser power sealed-off CO2 - 100W

Max cutting speed - 19.68 in/sec.

Max engraving speed - 39.37 in/sec.

Operating mode - Optimized modes including Raster, Vector, and Combined

Available in 2 sizes to fit your cutting and engraving needs:

  • R400 - 40.5" x 24.8"

  • R500 - 51.1" x 35.4"

Simple to use, sophisticated results

Designed with educators and new users in mind, R Series lasers include user-friendly workflow software that allows you to produce professional grade results with little to no experience. With both the software and the controller developed by Trotec, the motion and laser processes are perfectly in tune for maximizing the system‘s performance. Our “one click setup” enables you to be up and running within minutes.

Powerful and safe

Process acrylic and wood with material thicknesses of up to 0.4 inches. Suitable for all standard commercial sizes of up to 51.1 x 35.4 inches. Cut and engrave signage, gift items, toys, models, prototypes or fashion items.

Meets all safety requirements for use in public areas

R Series lasers comply with all health and safety regulations, and are classified as laser safety class II -- meaning the laser beam is fully enclosed, and the system can be used without protective gear. With laser class II, a double safety circuit, key switch, emergency stop and laser protection shutter system, you’re optimally protected. Everything is CE-certified according to the latest standards.

Patented low-maintenance design

The patented low-maintenance design drastically minimizes maintenance requirements, so you can make better use of your time. Sensitive components (lenses, linear guides) are protected from dust and dirt by our RayPack TechnologyTM and our integrated air assist.

Long service life

Benefit from Austrian engineering and quality standards. The R series was developed by Trotec and is manufactured under strictly controlled production processes and European manufacturing standards.

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Trotec R400

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