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Scan Dimension SOL PRO 3D Scanner

One of the most accurate 3D desktop scanners on the market


SOL PRO is one of the most accurate 3D desktop scanners on the market. It integrates seamlessly into your 3D workflow where the scanner’s precision and quality makes it a perfect partner for your quality assurance, product inspection, prototyping or 3D printing tasks.

SOL PRO is small and lightweight, and the included software with highly automated calibration and meshing processes delivers 3D models with no need for manual alignment or removing of unwanted artifacts.

SOL PRO 3D scanner is versatile, yet easily operated and integrates seamlessly into any 3D workflow. The precision and quality make it a perfect partner for quality assurance, product inspection, prototyping, and a qualified addition to 3D printing tasks.

Software with minimal user intervention

SOL PRO 3D scanner includes specialized software for download: ‘SOL PRO Creator’ for scanning and ‘SOL PRO Viewer’ for inspection and exporting of files.

Let SOL PRO Creator guide you smoothly through the whole process with automated processes for both calibration and meshing, and save time and effort.

  • Three scanning modes: high accuracy (up to 0.05 mm), normal, or turbo (faster)

  • Aligning up to five scanning passes and meshing are fully automated

  • Options for scanning dark surfaces, unsteady objects and to exclude texture to get the result you need

  • Automatically calculated volume and surface area

  • Two cylinders guide the user to adhere to the recommended minimum and maximum object size.

After scanning, you can view the 3D model in different renderings before exporting to various third-party 3D software for comparison, editing, measuring or 3D printing.

SOL PRO software is available for Windows and Mac.

Included with the kit:

• SOL PRO 3D scanner
• Turntable
• Scanner stand
• USB 3.0 cable
• Blackout tent
• Cylindrical target for high accuracy profiling
• Software available for download: SOL PRO Creator and SOL PRO Viewer
• Easy upload to Sketchfab
• Manufacturer warranty

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Scan Dimension SOL PRO 3D Scanner

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