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The C4 model packs all of the features of the full-size saws into a portable 5′ frame and features a 50″ maximum crosscut. The maximum cutting height on the C5 Panel Saw is 64",  both machines include a Milwaukee Tool motor and have no differences besides the maximum cutting height.  

The C4 is designed for customers who have limited floor space or require transporting the saw to the work site. Photos are shown shown with a stand and wheels, which are optional accessories.

This kit includes the Knife Kit for dust free cutting. Quick change knife and saw mounting platform, interchangeable carriage and a backerboard.

This panel saw can travel to work sites and fit into shops with limited floor space. The C4 is ideal for cutting 4’X8′ sheets of material. The only difference between this machine and the C5 Panel saw are the maximum crosscuts.

Standard Equipment

  • 3 ¼ Hp, 15 amp industrial, Milwaukee Tool motor.

  • Zinc plated 1 ¾” steel guide tubes.

  • 4 Nylatron roller bearing systems.

  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.

  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.

  • Thin material pressure guard.

  • Injection-molded plastic material rollers.

  • Spring loaded counter balance system.

  • Integrated dust collection bonnet.

  • Extended warranty.

  • TUV certified to UL/CSA standards

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